Our company, Simsek Otogaz (Ramses Autogas Equipments), is a professional manufacturer of LPG, CNG and Diesel conversion kits in Ankara, Turkey. When the professional staff and high technology are combined to create our newly designed kits, they are given the brand name as   RAMSES. Our products are tested several times after the manufacturing process hereby they are perfect quality goods manufactured according to the ECE R 67-01 and R-110 standards.

We have a production area of 400 m2. Our productions include equipments such as LPG sequential reducers, LPG carburetored reducer systems, CNG reducers, injectors, multivalves, gas valves, filters and filling points. Our factory has 30,000 kits capacity annually. Besides our country, we are exporting to 12 diffirent countries with 15 full time personnel crew. A large portion of our carburetored reducers and sequential reducers just like our injectors and multivalves are specially manufactured to other manufacturing firms. All of our company’s products are tested according to the ECE R-67-01 standards. We always aim to improve the quality of products and sustain customer satisfaction by all means.

 Besides our cheap prices, we have a professional service and high quality products. Moreover, all of our products have 2 years of warranty. We look for new dealerships and new collaborate all over the world.  

            Since February 2010, our company has officially started manufacturing Electronic Control Units together with Switch, Map Sensors and Temperature sensors. In our electronic engineering department, the main goal is to create the most durable electronic devices. 

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