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Ramses Diesel Systems use Dual-Fuel technology which means it uses Diesel and LPG together at the same time which creates more power to engine on lower level Diesel consumpiton creating less pollution to nature and fuel saving on economical basis. To get the best result of the systems use let's take a look at how the system work and what the components of the system are
Product Feature
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IV generation „RAMSES DIESEL” of diesel-gas sequential injection system. The most advanced sequential-injection diesel
system currently available on the market. „RAMSES DIESEL” is perfect for diesel trucks, TIR , transporters or pickups.
Works with diesel engines from 1 to 16 cylinders. With the help of „RAMSES DIESEL” the engine works smoother, quieter,
longer, with lower diesel consumption, and better emmision. All that thanks to an advanced sequential injection algorithm
with load-dependable mixture calculator. Very easy to install for the mechanic/workshop. Intuitive tuning with user friendly